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Prepare for a whirlwind of excitement with the iconic Crazy Spinners from Vulcan Fireworks! As the name suggests, this isn't just any ordinary firework – it's a delightful twist of thrill and fun, right in the comfort of your garden.


Imagine this: 50 vivacious spinners all packed inside one box, ready to showcase their wild pirouettes. Upon ignition, each Crazy Spinner whirls into a dancing frenzy, pirouetting furiously on the ground like a ballet dancer lost in the rhythm of a captivating tune. Their dynamic spins light up the night, creating a mesmerizing display that keeps eyes glued to the ground.

Though once the forbidden fruits of the UK fireworks scene, these incredible spinners have made a grand comeback! Thanks to updates in CE regulations, you can now legally bask in the merriment they bring. Such novelty isn't just a treat to the eyes, but it evokes childhood memories of joy and innocent pyro fun.


A word to the wise: these Crazy Spinners may be category F1 fireworks, but they thrive in the great outdoors! For optimal performance, give them a stage that's solid and flat – think patios or driveways. Grassed or uneven areas? Not the best dance floors for these performers. With a safety distance of just 1 metre, you can be up close to the action while still ensuring everyone's safety.

Crazy Spinners 50 Pack

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